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Variety is the key to keeping a healthy diet. Try some of these new breakfast ideas over the weekends when you have more time. Then plan to buy these ingredients on your next visit to the shops for groceries.


You could have a great impact on your family’s concentration and mood just by starting the day off with a good breakfast that has a low GL (Glycemic Load) and includes a little protein.

1. Rolled oats with ground-up nuts and seeds and cinnamon, blueberries, and honey

2.  Eggs with tomatoes on 1 slice of wholegrain bread.

3. Oatcakes with cream cheese and slices of apple.

4. Poached eggs with 1 slice of wholegrain toast.

5. Full cream yogurt smoothie with fresh blueberries sprinkled with nuts and seeds granola.

6. 1 slice of wholegrain bread with, one slice of cheese and 2 sliced tomatoes.

7. 1 bowl of cooked porridge (millet, maize, sorghum) with honey and banana.

Top Tips! – if you have a sweet tooth, use Xylitol in place of sugar.

If you can’t get your kids off their favorite cereals add in some ground nuts and seeds with desiccated coconut to increase the nutrition and protein.

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