Immune action plan
Immune boosting action plan

The purpose of the immune system is to identify the body’s enemies and destroy them. These enemies include defective body cells as well as foreign agents such as bacteria and viruses. The main ‘gates’ into the body are the skin,

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Improving your digestion
Improving your digestion

Nothing created by man compares to the magnificent design of the human body. For example, today you will produce 10 liters of digestive juices to break down the food you eat to enable it to pass through your ‘inside skin’,

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Why do we get cravings?

With every diet, however tasty the food, however, committed you are, unless you are superhuman, there will be times that you give in to cravings. This is normal. Yet, the frequency and duration of an overeating episode will determine how successful you

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Hello, I am Ana

Your personal Nutritionist

I’m a Nutrition Consultant (MSc.) and passionate about providing nutritional information and helping people make healthier food choices for a healthier life.

A healthy balanced diet consists of whole foods which provide our bodies with a variety of nutrients that give us energy and keep us healthy and strong.

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How It Works?

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Follow The Regime
Focus on your personal regime for the day, nutrition and exercise is the key to success.
Work For Result
Physical exercise is important for your health, beauty, and well-being.
Eat Healthy
Organic whole foods that are nutrient-dense will make your body healthy and strong.
Enjoy Your Life
See how your life becomes a pleasant adventure, full of bright colors and fun activities.

Story Of Success

Roy A's story
Enjoying big open spaces, requires some preparation, of which hydration and nutrition are key elements.

"Finding out what works requires an ability to try and test new things, as part of your training. The key is to listen to your body and keep what works for you.

For me, I prefer real food which offers a combination of protein, carbohydrates, and a little sugar. It is a constant process of discovery of not only the mountains but also your body. Whilst during my training periods I just try to each as much nutrient-rich food as possible".

Roy A
Trail Runner/ client

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4-Weekly Sessions

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Custom Meal Plans & Recipes

Blood sugar Balance

4-Week Program

4-Weekly Sessions

Personal Health Assessment

Goal Setting

Custom meal Plans and recipes

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