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How much water should you be drinking? Drinking the right amount of water is very important. If you drink too little you stand the chance of becoming dehydrated and your body will struggle to detox. If you drink too much you might flush out your salts and sugars which stabilize your blood sugar and electrolytes.

So, how much water is really enough?

Well, it’s not really one size fits all. It’s based on your individual body weight and how active you are.

This is how you work it out:

Take your body mass (for example 50kg) x 2.2.

This is your weight in pounds.

Take that total and divide it by 2.

This is the amount of filtered water you should be drinking per day.

Take that total and x by 29ml. This is the total ml of filter you should be drinking per day. One ounce = 29ml

What about if you are very active?

If you are very active you can add 500ml – 1000ml extra.

Water should ideally be sipped gradually throughout your day.

Drinking a glass or two at a time will flush out your salts and sugars too quickly.

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