Are your smoothies balanced?

A fruit-only smoothie can give you a sugar rush and a green-only vegetable smoothie can drop your blood sugar so it’s important to balance your smoothies with carbohydrates, protein, fiber and good fats.

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3 Gluten-free dinner meals

I incorporate gluten-free grains into my family meals because I know that wheat can irritate the gut. I like them because they are complex carbohydrates that make my meals wholesome.

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Plant Protein

Protein powders can be used for snacks or to add nutrients and calories at mealtimes. There are many good protein powders. I look for plant-based protein powders like rice protein, pea protein, hemp protein or whey protein.

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Wholesome Lentils

Lentils are small round, oval, or heart-shaped beans. They are sold whole or split in halves.

Different types of lentils offer varying consultancies. Green or brown lentils ratio their shape better after cooking while other red orange and yellow lentils become soft and mushy. Brown lentils are quicker to cook than other types of lentils, and don’t require soaking beforehand.

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