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Gut-Brain Wellness for Children

If your kids struggle to concentrate and focus at school. If they have mood swings and struggle with stomach cramps, allergies, or eczema this course is for you.

  • 4-weekly 45 minute zoom online sessions.
  • Personal health assessment.
  • Done worksheets, recipes, and shopping lists.
  • Email support and coaching applied to help you.

What's in the course?

Week 1 - Elimination uncover foods that are causing inflammation and cause an immune response. Learn which foods affect blood sugar balance.

Week 2 - Replace with foods that are nutrient desence and support brain function and mood.

Week 3 - Repair the gut linning and reduce allergies and eczema.

Week 4 - Repoulate the gut with foods and supplements that support gut micriobiome which support the metabolism of neutronsmitters.



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