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There are certain eating habits that improve digestion These habits stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system which supports rest and digestion.

And why is good digestion so important?

Well, because when we are in this mode our digestion is working properly and we don’t experience indigestion, bloating, or cramping after a meal. When we don’t digest our food properly we can become deficient in nutrients that our bodies need to stay healthy. Undigested food can also cause an immune response, allergies, and joint pains.

So what habits support good digestion?

Planning meals helps to make preparing meals less stressful. When you know what you are going to make for breakfast or dinner you won’t waste time and you will feel more relaxed when you sit down to eat.

Preparing meals together as a family over the weekends can be fun and it also encourages children to eat more vegetables. My son loves juicing veggies. He prefers drinking them to eating them. Raw juices also contain live enzymes that aid digestion.

Eat at the table

It seems like a pain to set the table but it’s worth it. Eating food at the table makes us eat slower, plus we get to catch up with family and friends in a relaxed setting. Take the time to step away from your desk at lunchtime. Step outside if you can and enjoy the fresh air and nature while you eat.

Power down all electronics

Don’t do social media or send text messages while you are eating. You want to be conscious of what you are eating and you want your brain to register when you feel full. this will help you to control your portion sizes.

Eat good quality food

Try to include raw fresh fruits and vegetables, fiber, fermented foods, and mineral bone broths. Eliminate food intolerance like wheat, gluten, nuts, and eggs if you feel tired or bloat after eating them.


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